Childhood Cancer Linked To Mother’s Health

The underlying cause of many forms of cancer are as varied as the cancers themselves. From smoking and environmental factors to genetics and diet, you can find any number of factors contributing to someone getting cancer. In the case of children, the root cause of the cancer can be a little harder to grasp because one of the biggest causes, a risky lifestyle, is off the table so doctors need to look much further to find the cancer trigger in children. Cancer in children occurs, in general, in kids aged 0-5 and is believed to start in the mother’s womb.

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Limb-Sparing Surgery A Godsend For Children

The thought of anyone losing a limb is heart-wrenching. The thought of a child or a teen losing an arm or leg is even more so if for no other reason other than their lives will be so inextricably altered so early in life. Losing a limb is no less traumatic for everyone else too, especially those brave men and women in our military, who put life and limb on the line everyday in the defense of our country. That said, those who are at risk of losing a limb to disease rather than traumatic injury may find some hope in new limb-sparing surgical techniques that are being developed, especially when treating malignant bone tumors. Unlike many other surgical procedures used to treat these tumors in children, limb-sparing surgery, for the first time, gives your child a great chance of keeping his or her limb while treating the tumor. Continue reading